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Small (Weddings) is the New Big

August 30, 2009

Three years ago, author and big thinker Seth Godin wrote Small Is the New Big. In that book he tells about the advantages of small businesses and how they are more adaptable to changing times. Today many folks are going the “small” route with smaller homes, smaller cars, and simpler lifestyles. We believe small weddings […]

Wedding sites at the Foxburg Inn are beautiful, intimate … and FREE!

July 30, 2009

Small, Intimate, Free Wedding Sites …….Now available at the Foxburg Inn. Building on our theme that Small Weddings are a sensible approach to that very important day, we have decided to offer our outdoor facilities to couples free for their wedding. This space includes the river deck facing the Allegheny River, the small bridge between […]

Are small weddings a new trend? They seem to be in Foxburg

June 19, 2009

Recently we’ve hosted several small weddings ranging in size from just the bride, groom, and celebrant to small groups of up to thirty in attendance. Certainly the economy has something to do with it, and some folks just can’t afford a large wedding with several hundred guests. On the other hand, many young people are […]