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Looking for a special gift?

Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Upcoming holiday…or “Just because I love you!” Give a chance to create a new memory…at the Foxburg Inn Hotel! Foxburg offers many opportunities to create an unforgettable experience – a special moment that will last a lifetime. A Gift Certificate to the Foxburg Inn Hotel is the ideal gift to provide a relative, friend, or associate the wonderful experience of “a time” in Foxburg. You can buy online  or call 724-659-3116. 







This year marks the 10th year for the Ride for Homeless Vets!

The ride is June 14, 2015 and will start and end at the Natrona Heights VFW Post 894. The address to the VFW is 894 Veterans Lane, Natrona Heights, PA  15065.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help this worthy cause! After the event a letter will be mailed for your tax deduction. Donations can be mailed to:

Ride for Homeless Vets

ATTN: Tom Grates

1012 Coe Street, Tarentum, PA  15084

or go to www.rideforhomelessvets.com for more information

If you love your freedom, thank a Vet


Foxburg Activities/Entertainment

Summer is finally here! Do you work hard? Come take a break at the Foxburg Inn. The Allegheny Grille has summer entertainment on Tuesdays 6pm-9pm on the patio, weather permitting.  *The following dates are good for the Allegheny Grille:

June 9th, June 16th, June 23rd, June 30th, July 7th, July 14th, July 21st, July 28, August 4th, August 11th, August 18th, August 25th and Sept 1st.

The Foxburg Wine Cellars also has FREE tasting of 35 wines and live performances on the patio, 2pm-5pm. *The following dates are for the Winery:

June 13th, June 14th, June 20th, June 21st, June 27th, and June 28th!


You deserve to enjoy live entertainment and have a few cold ones, or wine if you prefer! Be safe, and book a room with us at The Foxburg Inn! Contact us at 724-659-3116 before our rooms get filled! Visit our Facebook page for upcoming events as well.  And as always, ENJOY SUMMER!!!


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Canoe/Kayak Poker Run Refunds!

Yesterday morning at 7:00 a.m., the Canoe/Kayak Poker Run had been rescheduled to May 31st due to the rainy weather conditions. At 10:00 a.m., it was decided that since the weather had improved, the Poker Run would still be on for the day. We are aware that this caused some confusion and there are registrants who did not make it and need refunds.

If you are one of the registrants who needs a refund, please call in to The Foxburg Inn Hotel at (724)659-3116 so we can get your information regarding your refund.

These will be done this week!


And the Winners are Silent Auction “Bird Houses”

Our silent auction for the bird houses, painted by AC Valley students, was a marvelous success.  Many tickets were purchased but their could only be one chosen for each house painted, and they are as follows:

  1. Bonnie D, painted by Marissa Wampler
  2. Ed Master, painted by Keirilyn Bailey
  3. Cambria Leon, painted by Hayden Defibaugh
  4. Kristina Best, painted by Kadee Lester
  5. Jameen Stump, painted  by Ally H.
  6. Jameen Stump, painted by Chayanne Christo
  7. Bauer, painted by Lexi Bauer
  8. Donna Borland, painted by Ellie Thompson
  9. Madison Stump, painted by Kat Martinelli
  10. Connie Huffman, painted by Aven Bittinger
  11. Mike, painted by Brooke Terwilliger
  12. Holly Forsythe, painted by Mackezye Pell
  13. Penny Larkin, painted by Larkan Pollock
  14. Mike, painted by Olivia Drake
  15. Sally Vereb, painted by Mackanna Sherry
  16. Jill Leasure, painted by Jayden Wolford
  17. Donna Champman, painted by Lauren McNany
  18. Eileen Master, painted by Austin Barger
  19. Lemster, painted by Lane Sherer
  20. Bonnie D, painted by Marissa Fisher
  21. Mary Hambley, painted by Ryan Hook
  22. Brisha Rock, painted by Kathleen McNewman
  23. Jordan Huffman, painted by Kiersten Rothen
  24. Belinda Staab, painted by Lexi Bauer & Olivia Drake




The winner for our “Sharing and Liking” contest on Facebook was Greg Crawford from Chicora, P.A. Thanks to all the contestants for participating on our Facebook page. Also, we want to thank everyone who attended and participated in our many activities and events.  The 2015 Foxburg Nature Festival was a huge success and we are all greatly appreciative. And the ones being benefited want to give you all a HUGE thank you.  Please keep your eyes out for our upcoming events, on our Facebook page.






At the very last minute, they have decided that they will be holding the canoe/kayak poker run! It hasn’t rained here in several hours. Please help us pass the word. It begins at noon. Thank you!


Important Message!


Please be aware the today’s 2015 Nature Festival 5K Run/Walk WILL STILL be taking place. Registration begins at 8:30AM and the race start time is 10:00Am. After the 5K, the Birdhouse and random drawings will take place as previously planned.

Unfortunately, due to the weather we have to RESCHEDULE today’s 2015 Nature Festival Canoe/Kayak Poker Run. We hope you understand that for safety reasons, we cannot have people out on the river. The Canoe/Kayak Poker Run will now take place on Sunday, May 31st with the same registration time (10:30AM at Otto’s) and the same start time (Noon). We will see you there!

We would like to thank everyone that attended Saturday’s 2015 Nature Festival activities. We had a wonderful turn out! We hope that you enjoyed your day in Foxburg and return soon.

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We need YOU!

Due to the lack of responses/registrations for this event, it is Cancelled.  We apologize!!!!


We need 20 registrations by Thursday at 4:00p.m. for our “Let’s See What Is In The River” Fishing Tournament this weekend!

Please do not wait to register until the day of the event, if we do not have 20 registrations by Thursday at 4:00p.m., the tournament will be cancelled.

Come help out your local fire departments by seeing what is in that river!

Cash prizes will be available!

To register, click here or call/visit the Foxburg Inn (724)659-3116.

For Rules, Click Here!




Herp Hike @ Mineral Springs

Join in on the Herp Hike (salamanders) being led by Dr. Kurt Regester at the beautiful Mineral Springs, Saturday, May 16th from 2-4 PM in Emlenton. As you stroll through the woods, you will be searching for and identifying different species of salamanders.

Dr. Kurt Regester is a professor at Clarion University. He teaches in the Department of Biology and his areas of interest include wildlife ecology, ornithology, population biology, and amphibian ecology including herpetology. 

Ever since 1867 the beautiful Mineral Springs has had the oldest oil producing well in the United States. The oil industry caused environmental woes in the region, but this popular park bounced back to a very healthy state. The pristine habitat supports a plentiful grove of Hemlock trees, acidic loving plants, and a trout stream housing a rich amphibian population.




To register Click Here

or call/visit The Foxburg Inn Hotel at 724-659-3116