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Shalaway’s Backyard Bird Feeder Tips

One of the topics Dr. Scott Shalaway will be discussing is “How to Make your Backyard and Land a Better Place For Wildlife”. If you enjoy feeding your backyard birds or watching the different birds outside your window, you may enjoy Dr. Shalaway’s article “Backyard Bird Feeder Tips to Digest”. It gives several tips on Humming Bird feeders, nesting boxes, different types of bird feeders, and type of bird seed to use. It also provides information to contact Dr. Scott Shalaway for a detailed list of food backyard birds prefer and instructions for building the ultimate feeding station. Click http://old.post-gazette.com/sports/outdoors/20030921shalaway5.asp  to read the full article.

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To order tickets for Scott Shalaway’s Lecture, Day Fieldtrips, or the Owl Prowl please call The Foxburg Inn Hotel at 724-659-3116.

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