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We have photos!

On our facebook page of MapleFest & NatureFest.

There are photos of the day of the festivals, and then photos of the 5k Run / Walks.

If you participated in either or both of the 5K Run/Walks, your picture may be on the site!

If you are, feel free to Tag yourself in the photo, or take the photo for your own :)

Also, if you have photos that you would like to be placed onto our facebook page or our pinterest page, please send them to us via facebook so we can post them!

Thank you to everyone again who helped make these two festivals a success!


One Response to “We have photos!”

  1. Fran Williams | May 23, 2013, 9:37 am

    My comment is a question: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PHOTO CONTEST at NatureFest?