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We Support: Patterson-Richey Memorial Golf Outing

10th Annual Patterson-Richey Memorial Golf Outing

May 29th 2012, at Cross Creek Resort, Titusville, P.A.

This is the third year honoring both Troopers. The first seven outings were in honor of Trooper Brian Patterson who was electrocuted while responding to a motor vehicle accident in Venango County. Trooper Paul Richey was killed in the line of duty, while responding to a domestic violence call January 13, 2010. Trooper Richey was an officer of the law for 16 years and he is survived by a wife and two children ages 11 and 8. Trooper Patterson was a law officer for 9 years and he is survived by a wife and two children also. His children are now age 18 and 19.


Any questions regarding the outing can be directed to the Pennsylvania State Police: 814-676-6596. Any questions regarding donation of goods and /or services can be directed to: Dr. Thomas C. Pfenningwerth, DPM, thefootkid@oilcitypodiatry.com

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