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We Support: Butler VNA Inpatient Hospice

          We Support: Butler VNA Inpatient Hospice

VNA Hospice Auxiliary’s 7th Annual Friendship Luncheon is Sunday, April 15, 2012 at the Butler Country Club with KDKA TV News Anchor Jennifer Antkowiak ( who is native to the region) as Master of Ceremonies

I have personal experience with the Butler VNA Hospice, as my father just recently passed away there. What these people do for their patients and families is just wonderful. Terminal illness is never an easy thing to deal with and the nurses and staff are very thoughtful, kind, giving and supportive. They did not abandon my mother when my father passed away, they continued to follow up with her and offer counseling and assistance at any time, day or night. The inpatient facility is non- hospital like. It is a beautiful building with accommodations for families so that they may stay with their loved ones as much as possible. It is a difficult time no matter what your situation is however, the caring staff is available 24/7 and always willing to go the extra mile to help in this time of need.

If you would like more information regarding donating to the VNA Inpatient Hospice, contact me at dgoughler@foxburginn.com

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