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Foxburg Winterfest

Foxburg Winterfest was enjoyed by many, locals and travelers alike came out to enjoy the day. After all the stressing over the weather, and probably the only time it was said that we were praying, crossing fingers and wishing for snow, it still didn’t come. Instead Foxburg, Pennsylvania had spring-like weather for a week straight and finally a decision to make. Do we scrap the entire idea or do we improvise? The result: A Sled Dog Scoot and an introduction to Dryland Sledding. I would be willing to guess that not many of us in the area has a vast knowledge on Dog Sledding, let alone dryland sledding. Therefore the day was instantly made an educational endeavor alongside the entertainment. Sled dogs came in many breeds, other than the usual huskies; we saw Irish setters, a chocolate lab and a Saint Barnard. Thanks to Robin Houck for sharing her photos with us and making it possible for us to share these with all of you. Therefore, if you did not make it out this year, you can still see the fun that these ladies had and make plans to join us next year. This was our first ever Foxburg Winterfest, we are very excited to expand and improve for an even better time next year.

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Courtesy of Robin L. Houck’s

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