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Small Weddings “Weeknight Weddings”

Weekday weddings have become not only commonplace, but has introduced another industry trend.  Due in large part that having a weekday wedding is becoming more popular and involves a substantial savings to the couple.  The bride, groom and their families can save themselves a lot of leg and phone work.  Venues are more readily available during the week and being able to obtain your first choices is easier and can fulfill your wedding dreams.  Couples can enjoy the elegance of weekend wedding amenities and extra’s at a considerably lower rate.  Weeknight weddings also offer a break from the normal for those attending.  Generally if your guests want to be at your wedding they do not think of what day of the week it is.  During the wedding season and holidays guests are usually busy on the weekends, but are available for a weeknight wedding.  We here at the Foxburg Inn Hotel welcome you to explore the idea of a weeknight wedding with us.

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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