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It’s a small world — and Foxburg is the hub!

One thing I’ve noticed around Foxburg is that coincidences abound here. For a small community this area has quite a long reach.

Here’s an example: We received this fun story from Jason Eustice, a professional DJ, songwriter, and performer based in Louisville, KY. He’s been in Louisville for about twelve years after having worked in Nashville. Jason comes to Foxburg to visit his sister, Debbie, several times a year. Debbie manages the Foxburg Wine Cellars, right across the way from the Inn. Their mom lives in the Oil City area.

Here’s Jason’s story:

indeximageI was at a Mexican Restaurant in Shelbyville, Kentucky called Marimbas Mexican Restaurant, had just got done ordering my Chicken Burrito Supreme with extra tomato salsa…

I saw a couple of folks getting up to leave and as they passed by me, they noticed that I had on some Pittsburgh Steelers Gear (hat, shirt & coat) and they said—Hey, what about those Steelers?

That started a twenty minute discussion on how we would have coached them to five wins in a row, rather than 5 losses—haha, what coaches we would be!

They were both originally from Pittsburgh, but had moved to Shelbyville for work or spouse’s work.

We exchanged business cards, then the next day I had sent them an email thanking them and telling them how nice it was to meet them and where there was a local Steeler’s Bar, “Our Bar” in Louisville Ky, so that they could go check it out.

They emailed me back and said, and oh, by the way, if you ever make it back to Pa, be sure to stop at two of our absolute most favorite places, a must stop every time we go home…..they said the first place was Primante Brothers for their most excellent selection of sandwiches and the other….Foxburg Winery, for the absolute best wine.

At that moment, I was in shock!  Little did they know that it was my uncle, Ken Show, who partnered up with Doc Steffee and came up with all of the recipes for all the Foxburg Wine Cellars wine varieties.

So, i emailed them back to tell them my connection, and they were absolutely in shock as well!

Isn’t it a small world?

Do you have a Foxburg small world story? Drop us a line about it, or post it in the comments.

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