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An ideal gift: “A Time”

In today’s world, so many products are commodities produced in the millions. Manufacturers and retailers tell us that the item they offer was made only for that one special person but, if we think about it, the item was mass-produced.

Even high end products from exclusive retailers like Neiman Marcus must be made in large quantities to justify the investment by the manufacturers.

Meanwhile, we are all unique individuals. We come from different backgrounds. We experience diverse activities in our own ways. I remember “a time” when we …. or “a time” when Dad or Mom said …. or “a time” when my wife and I ….

Foxburg offers many opportunities for “a time” that can be fondly remembered.

We have folks who come to have “a time” fishing the Clarion and Allegheny Rivers. Many come for receptions, reunions or just to have a party. Lovers of the arts come to enjoy the ARCA sponsored events at Lincoln Hall. Couples enjoy Foxburg as a romantic getaway, and individuals come to complete a project or to just have “a time” for some peace and quiet.

A Gift Certificate to the Foxburg Inn Hotel is the ideal gift to provide a favored relative, friend or associate the wonderful experience of “a time” in Foxburg.

You can purchase a gift certificate online and immediately print it. Or we can one to you or the person of your choice. If you need  information please email us or call 724 659 3116 or 724 659 3117.

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