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Small (Weddings) is the New Big

Three years ago, author and big thinker Seth Godin wrote Small Is the New Big. In that book he tells about the advantages of small businesses and how they are more adaptable to changing times. Today many folks are going the “small” route with smaller homes, smaller cars, and simpler lifestyles.

We believe small weddings are a part of this sensible trend and offer many advantages to the wedding couple.

During the past few months we’ve promoted the benefits of small weddings in Foxburg. It appears to be catching on, because this past weekend we hosted four small weddings, and we have five more
scheduled in the next few weeks. Small is the New Big!

We’ve learned from the couples we’ve helped get married. First, they appreciate that there’s no hassle. They call us with several dates that work for them, to check whether a king room or a suite is available. Once the room or suite is booked, they get the license, contact a celebrant, and make arrangements for a small dinner reception, usually at the neighboring Allegheny Grille.

Often our Mayor, Dick Garrard, is the celebrant. Dick brings a light hearted, kind approach to his duties. At other times the couple brings their own celebrant.

With the typical average cost of the large wedding being about $25,000.00, several couples have told us they’re saving money for a down payment on a home instead of spending it on getting married. Other folks just don’t have the funds for a large wedding; they tell us we make it possible for them to have a beautiful, romantic ceremony without stress, confusion, and large expense.

We hear certain questions frequently:

“Can we have music?” Sure, bring your own or we can help you book local musicians.

“Is there a local florist?” Yes, there are several nearby, and we can provide a list for you.

“Can we take pictures?” Yes, you can have a friend or a professional take them, we can take them, and there are several very good professional photographers in the area.

“We’re planning an outdoor wedding, if it rains, do we have a plan B?” Yes, we have several indoor venues ideal for small weddings.

“Can we have a small reception on the river deck?” Yes, often couples rent a suite that opens out on to the riverdeck and their guests rent the other five rooms that open out to the deck. Suite #103 becomes a base for the bride before the wedding, during the reception often a small bar is set up, and later the couple spend the night there.

“Can we put a tent on the river deck?” Yes, there’s a local rental company that can provide one. Our
only requirement is that no stakes be pounded into the river deck floor.

“Can we have a wedding for less than $1000.00, $500.00, or $250.00?” We provide the lodging and
wedding venue at a wedding rate. The rest is up to your budget and imagination.

“What’s your definition of a small wedding?” Often, we’ve hosted just the bride and groom as guests at the inn. Other couples have booked the whole inn for their wedding party and guests. The guest list then is around forty to sixty people. We still consider this a small wedding.

We can make your wedding day very special without hassle and by keeping within your budget.


One Response to “Small (Weddings) is the New Big”

  1. Sandra Jackson | September 9, 2009, 8:27 pm

    As I was visiting the Foxburg Inn this past weekend I thought it would make a lovely venue for a wedding. I now see that many others think so as well.
    As a local photographer I’d be happy to offer my services to anyone planning a wedding at your site!